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<b>Title</b>: <a href="">The church in Madras (Volume 2): being the history of the ecclesiastical and missionary action of the East India Company in the Presidency of Madras in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries</a>
<b>Year</b>: <a href="">1904</a> (<a href="">1900s</a>)
<b>Authors</b>: <a href="">Penny, Frank</a>
<b>Subjects</b>: <a href="">East India Company</a> <a href="">Missions</a>
<b>Publisher</b>: <a href="">London : Smith, Elder</a>
<b>Contributing Library</b>: <a href="">Emory University, Pitts Theology Library</a>
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<i>CANTONMENT CHURCH, BELLARY. &gt; .. ■ , :^;■■:■*:;■ ■■■■■ *</i>

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<i>HOLY TRINITY CHURCH, FORT. BELLARY. CHURCHES BUILT BETWEEN 1805 AND 1815 81 military guards were withdrawn from all garrison Churches,and lascars substituted.1 In 1841 the station was visited by Bishop Spencer of Madras,when the Rev. Dr. W. P. Powell was Chaplain, and the Churchwas consecrated on November 14 with the consent and co-operation of the Government. In the 1852 Official Returnthe cost of the Church is said to have been Rs.23,435; thissum evidently included the cost of enlargement and of theperiodical repairs up to that date, Soon after the enlargement took place new barracks werebuilt for the British troops about a mile to the north-west ofthe Upper Fort, and the men were moved from their confinedquarters in the Lower Port to them. There was only onedisadvantage in the move. The old Church in the Fort hadto be left behind, and the men were separated from it by morethan a mile. When the Rev. Dr. Powell went to Bellary asChaplain in 1844, he raised money in the station to bui</i>

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Bellary Fort is a tourist attraction located in Bellāri, Indië Read further
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