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Basilica churches in Gdańsk

St. Mary's Church, Gdańsk

St. Mary's Church, Gdańsk is a tourist attraction located in Gdańsk, Pole

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Лилия Панько
19 August 2013
Уникальное место. Удивительная атмосфера внутри здания. Часы Ганса Дюрингера - супер. и конечно же великолепный вид сверху на Гданьск.
Miasto Gdańsk
20 March 2012
The highest tower #InGdansk. This is the biggest brick church in Europe! If you stand near the main entrance to the church and look up, you may get really dizzy!
Miasto Gdańsk
10 July 2013
The spire proudly towers over #Gdansk An observation platform on the top can be reached via 402 steps. The silhouette of the spire is easily recognizable. The view from the very top is breathtaking!
Miasto Gdańsk
21 June 2012
This is what you can see from the tower! Amazing view, isn't it?
Perttu Paloheimo
5 December 2011
Visit the mass, chanting is unbelivably beautiful on a cathedral of this size
Andie Elmes
1 November 2017
We couldn’t get up the tower since it was closed (on two occasions), but the basilica itself is magnificent. On the floor you can see old gravestones (from 1500 year). There is active service.
Olga Liapina
21 April 2015
It is amazing and unbelievable church)
Zita Patkos
25 February 2015
One of the largest brick Gothic churches in Europe and the largest brick church in the world. Inside there is an ancient astronomical clock, from the 1460s. You can go up to the tower via 405 steps.
Austin Westermann
2 February 2015
Climb all the way to the top for panoramic views of the city!
Alex Anttila
7 November 2014
Don't miss a little souvenir shop inside the church. They sell for example super cheap crucifixes.
Miasto Gdańsk
9 July 2013
The St. Mary's Basilica proudly towers over #Gdansk - after all it is the largest brick Gothic church in Europe. The view from the very top is breathtaking! :)
Johanna R
29 April 2013
Great walk for great views
Evgenia Babueva
5 July 2013
400 ступенек незабываемого подвала. не поднимайся наверх, не совершай ошибку.
Olga Karas
30 December 2016
Можно подняться наверх за 6 злотых. Преодолев 400 ступенек вам откроется шикарный вид на город. Подняться однозначно стоит!
14 March 2015
Nasza perła!
Kate Grosheva
22 January 2015
находиться с правой стороны центральной площади.зайдите во внутрь.
Miasto Gdańsk
19 November 2013
Literacka podróż po Gdańsku. "Kaplica Jedenastu Tysięcy Dziewic" - Joanna Marat. Podróżuj z nami: #SztukaCzytania
Miasto Gdańsk
21 August 2013
The march of about 50.000 people - proponents of "Solidarność" - started here in year 1982. People were marching along city streets. The police haven't attacked them.
Miasto Gdańsk
14 August 2013
Przepiękna budowla, dzieło architektury, największa budowla ceglana na świecie. Mamy nadzieję, że jej wnętrza Was oczarują :)
Inta Logina
5 July 2013
Лучше место, чтоб чуть не сломать ноги и сбить дыхание. Вид симпатичный, как в гугл картинках ^^
Social Media Convent
30 January 2013
Nie idziemy do kościoła, ale... przejdź przez drzwi z napisem "biuro parafialne" i zrób zdjęcie tego, co jest za nimi:)
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